U-Shopping is a digital commerce ecosystem by connecting MSMEs to marketplace their products & services by managing their buying, selling, marketing, payments and supply chains.

Our Digital Ecosystem

U Webstore

Create a beautiful online webstore and let customers browse your catalog and order online.

U Community

Join to attain your business focus areas to augment your capabilities, build on your competencies to gain trust and continued customer loyalty.

U Marketplace

Buy directly from wholesalers and distributors through our marketplace. List your products for other businesses to buy.

U Marketing

Get access to a rich suite of digital marketing tools include a CRM, Email Marketing, Facebook/Insta adtech engine, SEO, an ad designer, and more.


Digitizes end to end workflows include inventory, ordering, tracking, accounting and reporting.

U Database Management System

Digitizes end to end database control include HRM, Supply Chain, Finance and reporting.

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